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I LOVE Handwoven

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I LOVE Handwoven magazine with all its content including weaving projects, history, and just chatty weaving discussions. I've used many of the drafts and have also purchased books, ebooks,  and digital downloads.

It is a combination of inspiration and actual projects. It can expand your horizons and expose you to ideas you'd never think of on your own! It stimulates your curiosity both in historical and cultural content.

I enjoy every aspect of Handwoven. It provides wonderful inspiration for new projects, different explanations for issues associated with weaving, shows different sources for supplies, textiles and looms. 

Lynne Nielsen Gussert

Cindy Bills

George Willett


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Weekly in-depth projects, instruction, and inspiration from some of the world's best weavers, including:

  • Tom Knisely
  • Tommye Scanlon
  • Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • Handwoven editors including Susan E. Horton and Christina Garton

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